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We offer 2 levels of programming:


Boundary/Emotional Reset Program

The body NEVER forgets. Muscles, tissues, organs, cells and water all have memory. Most people are very familiar with the term "muscle memory" when it comes to movement of the body, but rarely is it acknowledged that the body remembers mood and experiences as well.


This program is a 1 session program where specific essential oils are placed on different meridians of the body where traumatic and difficult emotions travel.  Your meridians are essentially your emotional circulatory system.  The oils encourage a gentle emotional detox process that allows you emotionally reset and feel emotionally supported in places you might typically turn to fight or flight responses.

This program is perfect for the person that feels overwhelmed or struggling with boundaries or people pleasing type behaviors. It is also great for people who are around  a lot of different energies on a regular basis.

Healing Speaks Trauma and Brain Reset

This is a 7 week program that digs deep into seven main impediments to healing: Boundaries, Forgiveness, Limiting Beliefs, Subconscious Behavioral Patterns,  Vocal Projection and Articulation,Mind Mapping, Time Management/Procrastination and Manifestation.

In each session we discuss the anatomy of the topic, train your brain to respond optimally, learn emotional tools pertaining to the subject and put the information into practice. We will identify how you create your emotional reactions, discover those triggers that stunt your growth, learn conflict resolutions tactics that work with even the most difficult personalities and learn how to intention your life. 

We will dig deep and go to hard places, but my commitment is to teach you how to never make those experiences feel that painful again. The stuff that scared, intimidated and stunted you will no longer have that powerful response in your body or brain IF YOU DO THE WORK.

What I can teach you is how to have freedom in your own mind and how to take captive every thought that is holding you back. 

It only takes 7 sessions (if you do the work) to change your life for good!

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